Summer Session 2014 Now Registering

Session Begins May 19th
Tournament / bonus matches over the course of 7-8 weeks (8 match guarantee)


Starting match times:
Range between 6:30 PM to 10:40 PM

Start Date Day Division Cost
5-19-2014 Monday Any Combo Power 4s $130
5-19-2014 Monday Women’s Power 4s $100
5-19-2014 Monday Coed 6s Intermediate (Mid) $180
5-19-2014 Monday Coed 6s Recreational (Low) $180
5-27-2014 Tuesday Coed 6s Intermediate (High) $180
5-27-2014 Tuesday Coed 6s Recreational (Mid) $180
5-28-2014 Wednesday Coed 6s Intermediate (Mid) $180
5-28-2014 Wednesday Coed 6s Recreational (Low) $180
5-29-2014 Thursday Coed 6s Intermediate (Mid) $180
5-29-2014 Thursday Coed 6s Recreational (Low) $180
5-30-2014 Friday Friday Funday Coed Rec 6s $130
5-25-2014 Sunday Coed 6s Intermediate (Mid) $180
5-25-2014 Sunday Coed 6s Recreational (Low) $180
5-25-2014 Sunday Coed 6s Over 40 $180
*Save $30/team with Early Registration!!!

League Rules:
All matches will be played under current USAV/AVP rules (with some modifications). Ball handling will be enforced according to level of play. Click Here for Stratman Sports Sand Volleyball League Rules (COED 6s). Power 4s and Doubles leagues have special rules: Click Here for Power 4s and Doubles Volleyball Rules.

Competition Levels:

  • Recreation-For new players or just-for-fun teams (teams with limited skills and abilities – no strong hitters or leapers)
  • Intermediate-Geared towards players/teams who are seeking a little bit more competition. Participants that play at this level have a reasonable knowledge of the rules. Most players on the team should be able to pass and set with relative accuracy and should be prepared for hitting and blocking.
  • Power-Competitive teams with players who have experience and strong skills. Players at this level have strong fundamentals in all aspects of the game – serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking.
  • Open-The most competitive teams with experienced and highly skilled players.

The Volleyball Director reserves the right to restrict team placement in specific leagues and/or divisions based upon the effort to produce an enjoyable, balanced competitive atmosphere for each team.